Gas Station


Gas Station, Valencia CA  photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

In between the Steelers winning and the Eagles losing their respective football games, I have continued to work on my series Insomnia. And on top of that, I should really be writing on my latest book on how to develop a photographic POD book. I think that I will defer to being an old tempermental artist and that I do what I want. I just hope that somebody agrees;- )

So I have now worked my way through twenty draft prints, as I prefer to lay out the prints on the floor and start re-arranging them, and then rearrange them again. I do this many times. I still have more to do, but then as I brought up one image, the gas station above, I just had to stop. I know that this one print that appears exquiste in color is not a good justification to rethink this series. And I now have a toned black and white version that is also nice, but not as wonderful as this.

I guess that this is one of those singular images that we find ourselves making from time to time. It does not seem to fit with any other series, but I find that I am just captivated by it. There is just something about it and I am not even going to try to figure that out, either. So one of the pleasures of writing this journal, is on occasion to just post something that I like, and hope you do as well.  Who knows when one day, something else will come along to be a good complement and it will all meld together.

So I have printed this and it now sits besides my monitor to be enjoyed. nice.

Best regards, Doug

PS I was thinking we were going to have a wonderful inter-PA football game in Tampa shortly, and I will admit, if one of the two teams had to win, I am happy that it is the Steelers. I was born not far from Pittsburg one day long ago.

And the current version that I am considering for the Insomnia series:



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  1. Both are wonderful! But, I think I am partial to the b/w because of the composition. But, then again, those warm reds and oranges are quite nice…..

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