Introspective Mirror

Nocturnal Watch

One of the take aways from my discussion with Titarenko last weekend at photo l.a. has been the reserection of my earlier series Insomnia – Hotel Noir. This series was developed somewhat concurrently with In Passing, with In Passing more of a window, while Insomnia leaning more towards an introspective mirror.

Perhaps I am somewhere in between the window and the mirror, such that I can see out the window by looking into the mirror. Or as I look through the window, I can see also see a reflection.

Susequently as I read Titarenko’s book, the need to continue my development of Insomnia has resurfaced. In the process, I am rethinking the whole blue tonality issue for this series. Perhaps like Titarenko, some element of the blue tonality can be introduced, but perhaps not create a blue tonality for the entire print. So now I am experimenting with my photographs, to see the effects as a printed image. This should be interesting this weekend as I work the various effects.

Likewise, having had the discussion with Bertrand Fleuret about his new book, I am also rethinking how my Insomnia book should be sequenced. Perhaps there is more of a story to tell, a progression and order that I have not fully considered in the past. One that is going to cause me to journal about my thoughts and feelings about the experiences. The potential is exciting!

Best regards, Doug


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  1. I really liked the blue tone on this series – it really seemed to add to the feeling of isolation. I think a neutral tone is going to feel a bit more documentary in style.

  2. I have not totally ruled out the blue tonality, but I want to experiement with some other options, such as a split tone using the blue. The series now has a lot more interest & potential for me again;- )

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