Post photo la

After a relatively intense day last Friday at photo la, I guess it is not unusal to have a  little post event let down. I had provided a quick assessment as an update with my earlier post, but now I am in the mode of prolonged post-event reflection.

One take away: be true to myself. There are a number of very divergent photographic modes, beyond the basic window and mirror analogies. It is easy to become entrapped by what appears a popular trend and to mindlessly chase a ghost like muse in the hopes of gaining fame and recognition.

I have an interest in the urban landscape as a reflection of society itself, perhaps creating an even stronger indirect portrait of the people who make up the culture and society. But I are still dealing with masks, fabricated stories, built with wood, brick and stone. And over time, the reality does begin to poke through, in how the environmental mask is cared for and attended to.

I also found a kinship with Titarenko and his metaphoric photographs of the Russian culture, which incorporates the ideal of Hope of the Russian people. His larger body of work, which is developed over time with mutliple photographic series and incorporated in his book, provides a fasinating observation of the last decade experience of the Russian society.

It has been remarked on many occasions that it is impossible to obtain an historical perspective while experiencing life in the current times. So you do the best you can to observe and photograph what you feel are relevant situations.

But even Titarenko stated that he then adds in his own perspective and take on the events on which photographs. He does this by how he selects his photographs, develop and print the resulting images, to imbue them with something extra to help make a point, and then how he sequences them to be experienced. His photographs are not pure objective documentation, but a creative & subjective  interpretation of his experiences.

More food for thought, an expansion on ideas, alternative perspectives, which are good reasons to attend such an event.

Best regards, Doug

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