Friday at photo l.a.

At the moment, I am making plans for a day in Santa Monica and at photo l.a.  Laura Russell and I are meeting for morning coffee to put finishing touches on the workshop at her gallery in March.

Then I want to head over to Bergamont Station in Santa Monica for the rest of the morning to do some gallery walking and potentially collect some material and information to write a gallery exhibition reivew. And the momentum is building for the collaborative blog Photo Exhibit. We have someone covering London, Tokyo, SF, San Diego, Denver, Austin/Centeral Texas and now a reviewer pending for the Netherlands. Very nice.

Then over to photo l.a. for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. It will be a busy day, as I have a couple of books to read and prepare my reviews on site, as the Bruce Davison limited edition book by Verso Limited Editions is $12,500, so no review copies available for that one! And there are a bunch of folks that I have been in email contact that I now hope to put a face with the name.

I had really hoped to attend this local event last year, but as some of you might recall, I had a paying gig in Shanghia, so you just gotta follow the money trail, eh? And the personal photographic series that I had a chance to develop in China is pretty impressive (well, at least to me).

Anyhow, it will be a full day and hopefully I will see some of you there as I walk about. So give a shout if you spot me, eh?

Best regards, Doug

Okay, what to look for; blue jeans, tennies, Hawiian shirt, glasses, grayish hair & looking cool.

Update: Photo l.a. was photographic exhibitions on overload! What a great time. I met with Laura in the morning and did some brainstorming on why certain things occured in the second edition of the Sharpening book, such as some wierd typographic things. Overall, she really liked the use of the Blurb ICC color management when we compared images in the book to the actual print.

Then I did a quick tour of Bergamont Station and saw the tail end of the Michael Kenna exhibit at the Craig Krull Gallery, the ongoing Lilian Bassman at the Peter Fetterman Gallery, the pre-opening of John Divola’s Dark Star exhibition at the Gallery Luisotti Gallery  (leverging my writing for Photo Exhibit) and then helping with the unwraping of the Malone Mills photographs for her Orb exhibit at Frank Pictures (also leveraging my writing for Photo Exhibit). So I have some exhibition reviews to write and publish on Photo Exhibit.

Then over to photo l.a. for at noon for the rest of the day. I ran into a bunch of friends from the Photo Exchange and we had a wonderful & teasing lunch together, but I ended up walking most of the show with my buddy Paul Mounce. Who seemed to be very patient (and wondered off to continue looking at photographs) when I stopped to review a book or interview a photographer for The Photo Book. Photo l.a. is a teaser show, with most galleries bringing and exhibiting only a couple of photographs for most photographers they represent. So a lot of photographs, but limited in number.

The rumor was that certain galleries were laying claim to specific photographers and letting other galleries that also represented the same photogrpher know that they were going to be the only ones who should exhibit that photographer at the show. Interesting back room stuff that I just did not want to get into.

Overall, a great experience, but the take away was that with some exceptions, most of the photographs that were exhibited were the classics, not a lot of which were pushing the contemporary edge, such as Chris McGaw at the Duncan Miller Gallery booth.

Most interesting experience for me was to meet,  interview and discuss the exhibited photographs with the Russian photographer Alexey Titarenko. His metaphoric photographs utilize longer exposures of people and places to provide a sense of time and experience. A shared concept and one that I have connection with, but a process that Alexey has been consitently using since 1992. I will be expounding more on this later this month when I review his book Alexey Titarenko: Photographs, published by Nailya Alexander Gallery, on The Photo Book.

Best regards, Doug

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