Insomnia: Hotel Noir


Meditation Annex

Meditation Annex, copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

….While preparing my othe blog entry about ArtBiz101, I realize it would be good to have a “relevent” image. I also realized that my relevent image would be best from my stelth project number Three. So I guess it was time to come out of hiding with what will probably be the next series that I will be trying to complete, which has the working title of: Insomnia: Hotel Noir.

In terms of landscape, this will be the personal landscape, and for me a very personal landscape including self-images. I have been working on this for some time. Until recently, I was not sure that I would even publish this or have it see the light of day. Okay, I’m writing a blog about my thoughts, but like a lot of us, you don’t tell everything. I feel that what I have shared with the development of Bad Trip – Sad Trip and my related personal thoughts are enabling me to move forward with this series. So I just updated my studio web site with this working title and I still need to finalize the artistic statment.

But I do need to get the Bad Trip – Sad Trip up to date and finding other new material is not helpig much :- )

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Interesting that you post this series today. Paul Butzi was writing about Influences, and the Mike J (over at T.O.P.) posts on Henry Wessel. the link: this photo is strongly reminiscent of Wessel’s “L.A. Night Walk” series. I look forward to this new series of photos with interest – this particular shot is a style I like very much but cannot get to grips with myself.

  2. Martin, thanks for info on Wessel, I have not read that yet, so I’ll go looking shortly. The idea of Noir photos is not new, but I was wanting to work on my feelings that result from my travel schedule and being away from my family. Plus, in the past with film when I took night photos, I had to bracket like crazy even when I used the zone system to be sure to get a “close” exposure. Not so with the digital SLR and histograms, etc.

    Thanks for the encouragement & best regards, Doug

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