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Nocturnal Watch

Nocturnal Watch

..When I prepare to do a business strategy, which is the top of the order for getting a business going, I really start with my personal strategy. What ever we do, we need to be grounded in our personal basics; who I am, what I represent, what do I want to do, where do we want to be be, what is important to me, as well as what is not important to me. The plural tense recognizes that there are my personal concerns, but also my wife and family, which is equally if at times more important.

I learned a long time ago that if I have a sense of personal direction, I am able to make more consistent and better decisions in all aspects of my life and business. I use the analogy of a being in a boat and all of the things that are in that boat with me are important. And I am floating in the stream of time, as time does flow past us and with us. We have decided what we want in our boat and we are steering that boat towards a destination. Sometimes the current changes, there are rough seas or we decide on another island. But we hold the tiller and make the decisions, be they good, bad or indifferent.

I can only recommend that you consider the same. For me it is good to write down, to crystalize my thoughts, let them set and come back to them and do a self check. When the current changes or new islands become apparent, we can go back and determine if we need or want to adjust our course. If we want to live in Southern California, we understand that taking a permanate job in Chicago is not keeping us on course.

Likewise, having another job creates cash flow that enables me to work on photographic projects that are not “money makers”, I have a sense of personal freedom to persue my own interests, such as my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip. And as always there are compromises, trade-offs, as there are times I would rather be in my studio working with Photoshop to fine tune and create a new image than on the road at a clients office. But I am okay and reconciled with it and it does not distress me. Life is good. (okay, it does really bug me at times when I have made a really great photograph and I want to put the finishing touches on. But I will eventually get to it, just not as soon as my instant gratification demands)

You may have a cause, an agenda, a reason for what you want to do, where and when. I just recommend taking some time to reflect on these. Where and what do you want to be doing next year, five years or ten years out? It is now recognized that business strategies beyond five years are guideposts, but nevertheless, it is better to have a guidepost than not. I think that this is where I am suppose to bring up the Cheshire Cat who is sitting in the tree from Alice in Wonderland, but you probably know the punch line.

Best regards, Doug

BTW; at the moment I am guessing that this will be a 50 week series, unless I tire of it sooner as a result  seemes not to make a difference. So if this series does seem to help you, be kind and let me know?

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