32-E extension tube for Hasselblad

Hasselblad 503cx with 32-E Extension tube and 120mm Planar Makro 2019 copyright by Douglas Stockdale I just noticed that my Memory Pods subjects are just starting to bud and as I stated at the end of last year for this seasonal year I needed to augment my 120mm Makro lens with an extension tube. Primarily to... Continue Reading →

Hasselblad jamnation – Again!

Hasselblad 500 C/M January 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale This is not the post that I had intended for today, as I was hit again with the Hasselblad Jamnation blues. Yesterday afternoon I picked up my 500 C/M after it was "repaired" and after some back and forth last night, loaded the A12 back with some... Continue Reading →

Hasselblad Jamnation Blues

I got the blues Yeah, I got them blues I got them Hasselblad jamnation blues Ohhhh yeah, I do, I got them jamnation blues... Yesterday I received the bad news on the cost of fixing my 500 C/M body that was all jammed up as I earlier reported. After California taxes this will probably cost... Continue Reading →

Hasselblad jamnation

In my recent post about my walks off the grid and the potential start of a new photographic project, I had stated that I want to start carrying my Hasselblad film rig with me to continue this exploration. Which meant that I needed to remove the 150mm lens with the two extension tubes (above) that I... Continue Reading →

On the scanner: 09-04-16 negative 12

Untitled (Memory Pods project) copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale Cooking on the Nikon film scanner is negative #12 from my September 4th studio session working on my Memory Pods project. Hasselblad & 150 mm f/4 lens with two 21mm extension tubes, Kodak Portra 160 with an E.I. of 80, normal film processing. Scan is taking a... Continue Reading →

Memory Pods – Film alternative

  Empty (Memory Pods project)  2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale The photograph in this post is the results from my previous two posts; Hasselblad Ready for its Closeup and, part 2. Essentially I want to see if my Memory Pod subjects look like when captured on color negative film, in this case the Kodak Portra 160. For the first... Continue Reading →

Hasselblad Ready for its close-up: part 2

Pentax Spotmeter V, copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale In my earlier post about determining the exposure index (EI) for the two 21mm extension tubes on my 150mm Sonnar Hasselblad lens, I was pinged with some questions about the +1 exposure compensation conclusion. I am realizing that with the advent of digital photography which really gained traction... Continue Reading →

Hasselblad ready for its closeup

Hasselblad 500 C/M copyright 2016 Douglas Stockdale The next phase of my Memory Pods photographic project is a switch-up to color film in conjunction with my Hasselblad. To obtain the close up framing I needed I added two 21mm extension tubes to my 150 mm f/4 Sonar lens. I had read about the exposure compensation... Continue Reading →

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