Hasselblad jamnation – Again!


Hasselblad 500 C/M January 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale

This is not the post that I had intended for today, as I was hit again with the Hasselblad Jamnation blues.

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my 500 C/M after it was “repaired” and after some back and forth last night, loaded the A12 back with some 120 color print film for today’s camera and lens check (did I mention my 120mm CF Makro lens acquisition?). My goal was to start photographing where my Gardening for Ordnance project was crossing the new Path to Somewhere project.

After a short hike out to the trail and to my destination with a quick set-up for my composition, I made the first exposure. The distinctive “flap” of the Hasselblad shutter in conjunction with the almost silent “ticking” of the lens shutter was music to my ears. That was it for a joyful moment. When I wound the camera for the next exposure, the mirror and lens reset, but the film counter did not advance for the A12 back. Huh? So then I did the same sequence a couple of more times; wound the shutter/mirror, fire and advance again and still the A12 film counter was still not advancing. Hmmmm.

Since I did phone reception; Google A12 film issues. All of the discussions were about the either the film not being loaded correctly or a problem with the gears in the A12 back. So I figured the film was a gonner, so I opened the A12 and pulled out the film insert; the film had not moved past the first exposure and everything looked fine. This A12 was working mighty fine before the body went into repair, so I was suspecting the camera body. After hiking back to the studio, I took the A12 back off the body, then back on again and tried the whole exposure thing again. Uh Oh, now things had gotten worse; I was back to the body/lens being locked up and another jamnation.

So the Hasselblad with the locked on lens is heading back to the repair shop, again. So two strikes for this body (and one strike for this camera repair shop). What next?

In retrospect, I should have completed a proper camera and film test with the gray card in my back yard, will I ever learn? First, I will bring a roll of film with me to pick up the body after this round of repairs and ensure everything is working fine before I leave. Then I will do the camera/lens film check in the back yard.

So I needed to post this to vent and get this frustration out of my system. Feeling only a little bit better, but some.  sigh.

Regards from a not so happy camper.


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