Printing with a Purpose



I continue with my artistic statment for Bad Trip Sad Trip and found myself re-reading the Editorial of the same title by Brooks Jensen from last February’s issue of LensWork. I believe that what he discusses has held true for this project. I have chosen a specific image preparation and printing style for this body of work that is fairly consistant throughout the series. So part of my ability to write a statement should then come back to why did I make these specific choices, eh?

First, I like monotone image as expressed as a black and white. It does allow me more freedom and fexiblity to choose and create the tonal relationships between adjacent parts of the image. In my transition to digital, I have also found that I like a warm toned image to my “black and whites”. With toning, perhaps I call them “brown and whites”? Regardless, one thing that is unique to this project is that I have decided to use a more pronounced tone, a stronger sepia hue that seems to work better with these images.

So why not create this project in color, or a more traditional “neutral” black & white, or a differenct hue althougher, such as a blue which could infer “saddness”? My immediate reation to my own question is that this is not a documentary project and an image with a warmer hue will make a potentially difficult subject more accesible. hmmmmm. Okay enough insights for now as I now need to ponder this some more….

Best regards, Doug

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