Book reviews

Cloud Burst, photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

I’ve been back thinking about publishing my images in a book again and remembered the reference to a relatively new blog, 5B4, which is an extensive review of photographic books. So after reviewing the book reviews on 5B4 again, I believe that I can further endose the 5B4 blog by adding to my blogroll. Beware, this blog is not a quick read!

The book reviews include some information about the photograher, the images and the quality of the book and the quality of the printed images. Good information to have on many different levels.

As a photographer, I know that we usually do not have many opportunities to have our images presented in a book by a publisher, thus you want to have your images presented in the best possible “light”. I highly value the printed image, and the thought of finally having a book printed of my images and then have the blacks blocked and highlights blown out is a big concern of mine. Correspondly, I love to read about books that are printed and the images are almost identical to the original print. That’s the type of book I would like to have of my images, not a crude teaser.

Best regards, Doug

Update: A link was requested for the blog 5B4, which I have now added to this post. Becasue this message will roll off into the archives, I have a link to 5B4 on my blogroll, above.

Best regards, Doug

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