Suggestive titles – Part 2



…it was the right intent, but just the wrong implementation for the naming of the earlier image from the post about Santa Rosa Plateau I made a couple of days ago. This morning I realized that using a German word for the title was as bad as the original title, as it was too obsecure (my apologies to my German friends) for my use here in the U.S. After thinking how the barrier in the created a strong impact to me, that this physical barrier in the image was a symbol for a state of separation, thus I have since titled this image Separation.

Likewise the image above was initially titled Alex for the name that was on the memorial. That was my right brain literal label for this roadside memorial. But what I had noticed about this place that I photographed outside of San Antinio was the condition of the wreath, that it was in a state of deterioration, probably much like the memories of Alex, slowing fading from our grip. The effects of time on all of us.

 Best regards, Doug

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