Sustaining Memorial

Sustaining Testimony

Sustaining Testimony

…I will be traveling extensively tomorrow (Thursday) and I hope to make the Photographers Exchange in Irvine, so this is my entry for then. Oh, and I have yet to make the four prints from the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip to discuss. This is the venue that I have to get constructive feedback on my series, which is great.

This image, Sustaining Testimony, was captured during my transition of “what Doug saw” to “what Doug is trying to understand and suggesting” (or something to that effect). I think that it has a lot to say, but I find myself wishing that I had the funds to return to Hawaii and reshoot this memorial. So in a way, I am working with what I have, I just don’t have the overview type photograph of the area that I seem to prefer to work with now. To place this in a broader context.

After making these photographs, a couple stopped their truck next to where I was disassembling my photographic gear and were friends of Jaiom Berger, the Alumnium Man, as he was known on the island. Apparently Jaiom was riding back to his house on his moped and was run-over by a DUI driver and killed in 1998. And the DUI driver already had his license revoked becasue of the two previous DUI events, and is now in prison for man-slaughter. I just find this to be very troubling, but from this event his friends have gone on to created the Aluminum Man events on Maui.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Hi Doug, is sustaining testimony available for purchase? I think I saw another one called 2 steps back.

    Both are great photos.

    I was a friend of Jaiom’s. There was a tribute website but it’s gone now. His girlfriend wrote me a letter in 1999 which I found recently. Her contact info is out of date and there really is nothing on the web I can find about Jaiom except his race times.

    He was one of a kind.


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