PS C3 Digital “Toning”

…I had received a request from Julie in the comments to an earlier blog post about what I found regarding the image toning options I have with the new PSC3 program. Without doing any checking, I thought that I just still had the one option of using a Hue/Saturation adjustment level as I had with CS.  But I’m glad I checked out the options that Martin Evening suggests in my C3 “manual”. There still is the Hue/Saturation, but then Martin explains the use of the Color Balance adjustment layer, how to use the Black&White adjustment layer and finally his use of two adjustment curves. Wow!

Okay, that’s the good news, so now I have to carve out some time to figure what works for me! Initially I was thinking that my image tone problem was not an issue with the Hue/Saturation Adjustment level but maybe something else. With CS I have found the toning color of the image varies by where in the Layer stack the Hue/Saturation (H/S) adjustment layer is located. If the H/S is above the curve ajustment layer, the color is different than if the H/S is just below it. I have never found much that discusses this, but I can sure tell you that it makes a big difference. So the question is, what else effects the H/S adjustment layer location and the resulting digital tone of the image?

If I take Martin’s advice, I should spend more of my time learning how the two Curve adjustment layers option can provide the image tone that I am seeking. But I am going to understand each of my options, to make sure what works best for me.

I just hope that this does not throw me into a process of re-working of all my ealier images….

Best regards, Doug

Update: I may have found my issue with the Hue/Saturation and the additional Cures and Levels adjustment levels that I was doing with CS. Per Martin Evening, “when you increase the contrast in an image using a Curve adjustment, you will also increase the color saturation”. The fix? He recommends that to use the luminosity blend mode every time you add a Levels or Curves adjustment level to an image, ESPECIALLY if the tones and colors have been optimized for contrast and COLOR. Yipeee! This should mean that I can go back to my image files and change the curves and level adjustement curves to a luminosity blend and the toning effect that I have been trying to apply will then come through. Well, I sure hope so!!

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