Cao Fei at OCMA

…yesterday afternoon we went to the Members reception at the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) for the mulitimedia installation by Coa Fei. She is a young cinama/director from the Bejing art community and her installation was interesting. Maybe even more for me as she is working on an industrial subject not much unlike what I was working on my recent client project in China. She was essentially evaluating what we (the big “We”, referring to the global companies relocating production into China) are transferring in to the Chinesse economy.

Coa Fei was able to have access and see the people’s perspective on the changes that are occuring, something that I did not feel the same access to, with language being a basic barrier. While I was in China, the industrial equipment and processes did not interest me as much as the urban landscape that was in transition. But trying to think of this from a Chineese perspective, the industry and automation equipment are “new”. And the changes are apparent, potentially much greater for them.

As I have about a 50-50 chance of returning to China for two more tours later this summer and perhaps into the Fall, I find myself thinking about the changes that are on-going in China. I can not understand and visualize these changes from a Chineese prespective thus I need to think about these industrial and economic changes in another context.

Food for thought. So I feel that I am moving into that pre-visuallization mode as I continue to contemplate a series might bridge that potential experience. And go back and review the images that I made in China from earlier this year to look for some clues. hmmmm….

Maybe: Rapid post-industrial changes as China adapt’s to a world economy, while still trying to maintain their own values. Can I come up with a way to visualize this without the usually trite jusxapostions of the old and new. That may be the challenge.

Best regards, Doug

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