Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

…I have been bugged by the slight “purplish” hue in the extreme highlights of the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 (HPR), which for my landscape images, is the entire sky. Especially for the print that I am making for the Orange County Museum of Art. I observed this hue effect in my smaller prints, but not as pronuced as it is with the large 15 x 33″ print. So now I have spent the last two days trying to fix this print issue, thus no image to post with this today.

Until now, I have been using the Epson Enhance Matte (EEM) medium profile in my print dialog with CS/CS3 and my Epson 4800 printer. I have read repeatedly where other photographers have stated that the profile for EEM is identical to the profile needed to print the HPR. Well perhaps for the ink lay down, but not for the color! …and certainly not for me…

So I finally decided that it made sense to get the .icc download from Hahnemuhle for the HPR I am using, vesus continue beating my head against a very hard brick wall. did I mention that I was an engineer? Well the download did not go entirely to plan with my PC. So after reading multiple PS books on color management, I sent a call to friends. Kjell (blog: The Lentic Blog) came to my rescue: essentially to try reading Hahnemuhles download instructions for a PC. He said it very nice. He did not even ask if I’m an engineer. Thank you, Kjell!

Okay, the HPR .icc was loaded into the PC profiles, but then I followed the rest of the HPR recommendations. Nope, that was not going to work for me. Very, very dark prints. So after testing different print set-up options and a number of sheets of 8-1/2 x11 HPR, I found my solution. I do need to use the print color control. Very nice, no purplish cast, neutral with the slight warm tone from my Hue/Saturation adjustment layer that I want.

Well, the latest HPR version of Tired Bones just came out of the printer as I write this, so now I am off to find some appropriate light to evaluate it.

Best regads, Doug

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  1. I am an engineer myself, and know everything about trying to break down brick walls with my forehead (figuratively speaking). About the PhotoRag, you should try the Velvet Fine Art media setting in the printer driver. This will lay down more ink than the EEM setting, which I think the HPR can take pretty well.

  2. Kjell, thanks for the additional recommendation on the Velvet Fine Art, I’ll check that out shortly. What I used was the Watercolor medium, which has a maximum dpi of 1440, while the EEM setting allows 2880.

  3. Doug, just wondering what you mean in your solution by saying ‘print color control.’ I also have a 4800 and sometimes see issues with prints being too dark on HPR.

  4. Mark, When I received the download instructions from Hahnemuhle, they also sent along some General Guide for printing information. I followed them all and I printed a very dark print, but without the purplish color cast. So that was a good news/bad news event, so I started to make some adjustments to the Hahnemuhle directions. I turned the black point compensation back on. Still too dark. Then in the print control for the custom color selection, I went back to the printer controlling color, versus color control OFF. Bingo, now my print was right where I wanted the contrast range as it was on the EEM and the purplish color cast was still gone. Yeah! I am still going to try printing the HPR using the Velvet Fine Art (VFA) media selection when I return, but what I had was great and right on where I wanted to be using the Watercolor media selection. I’ll see if the VFA will make any improvements.

  5. Doug, I just had the Epson Pro 7880 delivered on Monday and am struggling right now with the color profile for Hahnemuhle 308, so I was very glad to read your post. Hahnemuhle does not yet have profiles for the 7880. What I have done so far is to make an icc. profile with PrintFix pro, and the problem is that the soft proof in PS CS2 is so different from the unprofiled image (color cast, low saturation) that I found it difficult to adjust the image to match. The next step would be to tweak the profile. The 7800 profile from Hahnemuhle might be a good start for this also.

    My question is: did you look at the soft proof with the downloaded profile? Was it dark also? If so, you could have corrected the image itself for this. Another point: if you let the printer manage the colors, you must have set this both on the “print preview” page and on the printer driver page? Is this right? If you do this, it should not matter what icc profile you use, I would think.

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