Photo delay…

…as Rosie had noticed, my recent posts this week are without photographs, which is correct, I am using a proxy email computer and I do not have the capability of uploading photographs at the moment while I am traveling. So until this weekend, it will be a text only week, unless you all would perfer to see again some images that I have uploaded and posted earlier on Singular Images?

I had been thinking about this issue for a while and I will share my thoughts as I get things worked out. One alternative is to bring a portable computer with Photoshop loaded, so that I can download the camera RAW files and create jpgs for posting while “on the fly”. My concern with that is that I am not a “photo of the day” type of blogger.

When I travel like this for my day-job, I have very long client work days, so getting a bite in the evening and maybe looking at the landscape for some images to capture, not much time left to work on an image to post. With the time available, I find it easier to just blog my thoughts. I need some time to mull this over…..

Best regards, Doug

One thought on “Photo delay…

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  1. No problem waiting. I just wanted to make sure it was intentional, as I hadn’t recalled you mentioning that you weren’t going to post the photos until you got back.

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