CS3 on the portable

Nightscape Napa

….I have to say that I relunctantly loaded Photoshop CS3 on my portable computer. Its a Dell Inspiron 4100, but very old by today’s standards, purchased just after the Windows launch of XP in 2002. At the time we purchased it there was a big improvement over the Windows 97 Dell Latitude that I had been using. It has a Pentium 3 processor and I think it was rated at 1.6 Mhz versus the 2.2 Mhz you could get with a desktop. Well beneath the recommended minimum processor speed for CS3.

First thing that I had to do was get all of the Windows upgrades downloaded, as the CS3 software software baulked at the current configuration. The portable is not used much, so gets little attention to updates. So this was needed, but those upgrades took an hour. Oh well, maybe the first time in about four years.

I finally loaded the CS3 and I have not fully processed an image on the portable yet, it does take a long time to load the software in preparation to use it. I am guessing that this will be a slow software to use on this machine.

But the intent is to improve my photography support while traveling. I am not a big fan of the portable’s monitor even after I use a screen calibration. But this would not be for critical image creative development. It should work fine to convert a RAW file to a jpg for posting an image on the fly while traveling. I’m going to do a test run in a couple of days, so I will soon see if this is going to be a workable process.

Best regards, Doug

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