Photo of the Day: Empty Office

Empty Office

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  1. I know you are incredibly busy now, Doug, so if you can’t respond to this request, I certainly will understand. But, there is a question that has been bugging me. Where are you parking when you take these photographs? I get driven nuts by the fact that I often see a scene I want to shoot, but ultimately miss the opportunity. Too often, by the time I can safely pull over, I am talking about an unrealistic hike back to the site. I think you have mentioned that you are seeking out dirt roads and that would mean less traffic, thus safer stops on the shoulder. But, some of your shots feel as though they are the scenes we see from busy highways. Perhaps you are just far more clever than I when it comes to finding safe places to get out of your vehicle. And then, maybe you shoot from inside the vehicle. Either that or you do quite a bit of hiking to get your fascinating shots. I will appreciate it if you have time to satisfy my curiosity.

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