Inland Empire series on hold


With this posting and leaving on my trip to Germany and then on to China, my Inland Empire is now on hold until I get back at the end of November.  Not leaving on a positive note with some of the fires still in progess.  Taking Martin’s suggestion, I tried to work on my series with the other crap going on. Take this image, in black and white, it appears that I just have blotchy skys, much you would get from uneven development of film or a bad digital exposure.  I find the composition very interesting, but the sky does really bug me.  And when I am back in November, things will be different. bummmmer.

Well, I’ll be back again and see how it goes, not much I can do about it now…I am still a little frustrated nevertheless. Ah, the artistic heartbreak;- )  or perhaps I am still in a funk with these fires and all of the damage and loss people have had to suffer. I need a sunny day without the smell and taste of smoke.

Best regards, Doug


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