Travel log: Marburg day three

Well, just a short note that today is a working day.  I did finally did log on this morning and post yesterday’s image.  So far, not sure that I will time to photograph anything today.  It was a foggy drive out to the factory this morning, but being a passenger, I did not have control of my destiny for stopping to photograph.  There are excellent Fall colors in central Western Germany right now, with some great yellows and golden leaves, some hints of red.  Very beautiful, thus the images are going to be for my eyes only. 

We did not leave from out of the factory until after dark last night and then the entire team went out for dinner. I was too bushed to venture out. The time lag is also getting to me last night and now today.  And today is looking like it will be even a longer day.  Maybe a chance to photograph tomorrow?

Also saw that Paul Butzi is back on line and appears that he was not able to connect to the internet during his visit to China.  It does not appear good that after this weekend when I get to Shanghai that you will be reading much from me either for the next two weeks. But who knows?

Best regards, Doug

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