Travel Log: Marburg day 5

Old Marburg Steps

It is a cool and overcast morning in Marburg today, so my photography venture this morning should be interesting. Yesterday we completed what we set out to do for this week, so as a result, I have a day to roam about the area.  Nice.

I did hike up to the castle last night, but there were no compeling sights that caused me to set-up my camera and tripod. Unlike the night before, there was no fog and we had a very good view of the valley and city top.

My photo in todays post was from the night before when we had the foggy conditions. From the old city plaza, there is a path way up to the castle, which is where this image was made.  The lighting was very tricky and I think that I created the mood that I had experienced that evening with the cool fog evoloping the area.

Well, I have just finished my coffee and the conditions are still the same outside, so its time to be off and at them and see what interesting places that I can find.

Best regards, Doug

2 thoughts on “Travel Log: Marburg day 5

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  1. I’m amazed at the good image you seem to find around the streets of an old town. Maybe my ability to look at these things has been diminished by spending so long amongst it – certain I don’t see things in old towns the way you have. Would I see the areas with which you are familiar in such interesting and novels ways?
    This is proving some source of inspiration for my visit to Salzburg this weekend and all next week.

  2. Martin, thanks for the nice feedback. I must admit, this is not my first time to Marburg, but third trip here over the last six years. First time where I was serious about photography again. But I do find that I am drawn to certain things, which are in abundance in older cities such as this. As an American who lives in a realatively new city (e.g. 20 years old) and a relatively new home (13 years old), a city which has buildings dating back to the 1200’s is very exotic and different. And yes, as a result I bring fresh eyes!

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