Folio versus a book

One of the items that Brooks Jensen and I discussed last month was my interest in self-publishing a private limited edition book.  Brooks then mentioned what he is publishing, which he calls “Folios” and so I did a little research on his process.

It is very interesting.  There is no binding involved, in as all of the pages are loose, perhaps with an introduction that could be stiched if it involved too many pages.  Realitivly simple in concept, but harkens back to the early filos that artist made in the 1200’s (there abouts).  Actually I can see this as a viable process to assemble a smaller project, such as the collection of images of what may come out of my recent trips to China.  Brooks also uses the Editioning process, not ‘Limited’ Editions. 

The idea of having a cutting die made up to print the French folds in such a way that it is generic, not series specific, and then enclude an embossing die for my name is really nice touch.

What I am not sure of is using the Folio process for a little larger series of 48 – 50 images such as my recent Bad Trip – Sad Trip series. The other side of the hand printed book is the cost of the binding and assembly of the clamshell.  And the question of whether the resulting book will be durable enough? 

Another option is to have a smaller selection (12 – 15) of my images from Bad Trip – Sad Trip in available in a Folio? And I might be able to provide the smaller quantity of prints in Folio as a more reasonable price. Or I could break up the series into three or four seperate Folios, and the entire series could be purchased in part or in whole.  hmmmmm.  Things to ponder.

So I shall continue with making progress on my hand made book, but I think I am also going to work on the Folio option in parallel.  Oi!, I guess that I could also do both, eh?

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Hey, I didn’t see the change of you site until now when I followed the link from you last comment in my blog. I usually read your blog in a RSS reader, which strips away some of the formatting. But over to my real comment:

    The folio path sounds very interesting. Especially since it can be offered at a fairly decent prize compared to the hand made book. I must say that I would have loved to lay hand on one of those books when they get finished, since I am very interested in both the pictures in that series and the art of bookbinding. But doing some quick price estimates tells me that the cost of this book will be way to high for my budget. The folios will at least give me the opportunity to get some of the pictures.


  2. So where do get something like that made? I’ve seen a few people that make there own, but I’m afraid I have neither the skill nor the patience to do it myself.

  3. I have a message into Brooks Jensen as to his supplier and I have a manufacturers representative that I work with that deals with custom fabricated fiberboard and paperboard, so I have him doing some checking. I’ll provide an update on the blog when I have some alternatives. I’m also looking at some pre-made folios from Light Impressions ( and Archival Methods (, bit these may be both made by the same company as these two companies are distributors.

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