Making some mistakes

Today’s a nice day outside. Nevertheless, I am inside still printing my first Folio and making some additional edits to the Folio Introduction as well as my web site.  I have second, third and fourth thoughts and keep tweaking the words. Never seems ‘perfect’.  Oh NO, I may be misunderstood. Yeah, those kinda of dumb thoughts. 

Self-doubt can freeze me in place, as well as trying to get something ‘perfect’ can also keep me from going forward. I have learned from my mistakes.  I spent three months getting my landscape images ready for my first web site and found out that the warm tone prints that I enjoy, were not because I had warm tone digital files. The warm tone prints were because of my warm tone Epson 4800 printer selection.  Thus two months getting a warm tone digital file process figured out, so that regardless of printer or web, I had a warm tone print. Then another three months converting all of my landscape files to the new digital format and then I was able to start my web gallery.

Not enought?  When I started the Bad Trip – Sad Trip series, after making the vast majority of the images, I spent another three months creating the final images, but I had added a soft diffused effect to the image. But at the end of that development period, I realized that I had created some ‘artisy’ looking images, that might be seen as ‘fine art’ but it was not my vision. You know, the new for NEW sake type stuff, push the ‘boundaries’ thing.  Well, it just did not work for me. So, be true to yourself is what I had to do, thus another two months converting every image to a more direct and more personal interputation. Five months of image development, but I did learn alot about myself in the process.  And I learned a lot about Photoshop CS in the process as well.

So for 2008, here’s to making mistakes, while getting misunderstood. Can’t get much worse than that! Ok, now where’s that other box of matte rag?

Best regards, Doug

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