Getting Organized

Jiashan Country Road

As my title states, I am trying to get organized. My bad tendency is to get over committed and at some point, I need to figure out who is on first and what is on second.

I am trying to get organized after being out of the country for three weeks, back a week and then our regularly planned vacation to Colorado. So not much time at the desk and a ton of images to review and process. I have the recent week in Colorado for a SoFoBoMo trial run, but I have decided that those images can wait until after the SoFoBoMo event, which for me will probably be the month of May. Meanwhile, I have found another POD publisher that is of interest, BookSurge, part of Amazon, which I need to investigate a little further.

I have just finished the self-publication of my first Edition Folio and now thinking about the next one, but which?? I have been all over the map with my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip and I am starting to get a little settled down. The self published book idea is on hold pending a larger printer, so what to do in the mean time. Kinda of drifting back to the POD and perhaps in conjunction with an Edition Folio, somewhere between 12 and 15 prints.

I need to finish my next series, Insomnia- Hotel Noir and I have realized that I can chip away at it now, but I don’t want to getting fully involved in finishing it until after May and the SoFoBoMo. Was it not Gary Winograd who stated (my paraphrasing) that he wanted to take a year between shooting, editing and finalizing an image to give it some time to set and rest and make sure that you are not overreacting to the photographing event. So that gives me a good reason to not worry about getting this series finished. Besides, I made a couple of interesting images in China to add to this series.

And I have two other projects in progress from my driving and working in Riverside County. But I can consider that those of a pair of series that are still in development. So no sense worrying about them just yet. I will keep making images during my daily trips into Riverside County.

So that leaves me with the China photographs, which my first thought was that I had about five or six mini-series, material for a bunch of Edition Folios. So with a little thinking time since getting home, I may have this down to three larger series. Two of these series is still too fuzzy for me, but the third is easier to define and work on. So I will start working on one of the series, tentatively titled Open During Construction (Kaifang Zhen Zuizhong Jianzao) and preparing for the SoFoBoMo.

As to this image, it is one of the ‘fuzzy’ ones for me. Okay, not fuzzy in the blurred effect that I seem to like at the moment, but more as in fuzzy as to what I am going to do with it? First, this is a country lane in Jiashan that I saw on a couple of occasions, but it really came together for me during the Chinese blizzard towards the end of my trip. This image really appeals to be in both black & white as well as this color version. I am afraid that the B&W image starts to look a lot like the Brett Weston tree lined lane image that he made in Europe (Netherlands??). But nevertheless, I like both versions a LOT. So what the heck to do, eh? Have you even seen two different versions of the same image shown side by side? Anyway, that is what I am noodling over, I have a bunch of images that on the fence for me, so I have to stick them aside and understand what they mean to me a little more.

And so, I slowly am getting organized;- )

Best regards, Doug

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  1. The way I’ve been deciding between colour and black and white is this: is it about the interaction of colours or of forms and shapes. For this image, the question would be: is it about the dark of the trees, the yellow-brown road and the green fields or is it about the curve of the road and the rectilinear trees? The former says colour, the latter black and white.
    This sort of process has greatly simplified this sort of dilemma for me. YMMV.

  2. I love this shot. I looked at it done black and white bringing back just a bit of the yellow-brown in the road and then straight black and white. Plus, I love it in color. For me, it’s bullet-proof.

    On the other hand, I find Martin’s comment extremely useful, since I struggle with this question.

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