SoFoBoMo POD options – again

Razed for Development

During the week, I had a chance to investigate the Amazon POD option, BookSurge. So I tried to read all of their teasers, but it appears is that BookSurge wants to get paid to do it all for you, while holding all of their cards very close to their chest. I had not realized getting a book published was going to be like playing poker.

I think that I had bumbed into their production cost scheme once, but I could never find it again. So I left a message for a BookSurge ‘publication consultant’ to try to tell me what is the production cost of a single book, 7 x 10″ horizontal format, softcover (perfect bound), printed 4 color and about 64 pages (pages have to be divisable by 4).  I’ll see what they come back with…

BookSurge has a bunch of options, running from you give them an idea and they make it happen, including your marketing program, or you do all of your own design work and provide them with the pdf and $200 and you can soon order your book. So if you do your own design layout, e.g. InDesign, you have totally design flexibility. 

BookSurge does not appear to want to give you any fill-in-the-blank templates.  As I was drilling down in Blurb, I found that their templates and lack of modifying the print size to anything other than their one option for a horizontal portfolio book to be very grating. So the flexibility of BookSurge was very nice, but I need to know how to use a publishing software like Adobe InDesign.

But I want to know more about printing of the book, altought they state that they are state of the art POD printers, which means a Xerox copymachine. But if they keep it in house, unlike Lulu, then there is a chance that they will be at least more consistent. And I want to know what the cost and subsequent price of the book is.

Otherwise, I might as well do the work in InDesign and output the whole thing as a pdf. Providing, of course that I buy the Adobe InDesign software, learn it and then make it happen. Having worked on Pagemaker in the early 1990’s and then QuarkExpress in the late 1990’s, I think that I can move along on the InDesign learning curve fairly quickly, as long as I can find a Dummies book to use as a oh crap, what did I just do problem solver;- )

Which takes me to what do I want to do with the ‘book’, sell it or use it as a comp for publication submissions?  I can still muddle that issue for a while yet before I make any committments. But the lack of image cropping with Blurb is quickly eliminating that off my list, and the bad feedback on the Lulu printing quality has removed it from my ‘sell’ the book option, but a possiblity as a comp book, if I can figure out their process.

I wonder if the POP guys are wondering what all of this sudden interest in their various publication solutions is about!

Best regards, Doug

BTW this image was made in Jiashan, China and is on my short list for my series “Open During Construction”.

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