Yongjin Luo

Castle Fort House - Lou 2Castle Fort House Lou 1

Castle Fort Houses, photograhs copyright of the artist, Yongjin Luo

While in Shanghai, I met Yougjin Luo, an urban landscape photographer as well as the owner of the OFOTO Gallery in the M50 art district of Shanghai. Youngjin does have an extensive web gallery, found here. I was able to walk the OFOTO Gallery back area and see many of his images, but the one series his of the Castle Fort Houses is the most captivating.

From his book About Face, he writes of the Fort Houses, “taken in 2005, Kaiping, Guangdong Province, were built by returned overseas Chinese before 1950s. The upper part inspired by oversease influence, while the lower part built like a fort for security reasons.”

Yongjin has been looking at and photographing the Chinese urban landscape for a long peroid and has accumulated a diverse body of work. I was fortunate to purchase his book About Face and received as a gift from him, his book Are we Dreaming.

Best regards, Doug

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