SoFoBoMo shift

I thought that I had picked out a suitable subject and time frame for my SoFoBoMo project, but then fate has stuck its head in.  I recently completed a medium term project in Riverside County and so I was thinking about where I wanted to work on my SoFoBoMo project. And I had narrowed it down to the strand of Newport Beach during the month of May.

 While, now it appears that I will be in and out of Tempe, Arizona, which is adjacent to Phoenix,  for the next three or possibly more months. Oh, yeah, it will be getting hot there soon. So a change in projects and a change in landscapes, from the Pacific Ocean to the desert, with catus and sand. Lots of sand. A big shift!

Interestingly, Phoenix is where my Grandparents lived before passing away and for a while, I lived in Phoenix as well as Yuma, down on the Mexican border. Now that was hot!  But I have not lived or stayed in this Arizona region in a very long time. So in a way, there may be something to tap into here. So I will be evaluating this as an alternative and do some visual exploring. Who knows, ya just gotta pay attention to serendipity when it happens.

Meanwhile, after reading a post by Anita Jesse about Shutterfly as a POD option, I have now become a Shutterflier and I’ll start evaluating that option.  I also noticed that Blurb will be having an information booth at the Palm Springs Photo Festival, so I think I want to make some time and find if I can modify the picture framing to be more flexible to my image size. At the moment, Blurb seems to have an edge in cost over the Shutterfly option.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. I owe you a big thank you. I was totally stuck in terms of SoFoBoMo, and then I read your post this morning. the clarity with which you handled this adjustment must have simply slammed everything into perspective for me. Within hours, the junk heap of confusion that was blocking me broke up. Now, I can’t wait for April 1.

    I think your project sounds like a wonderful gift–rich with history and emotion. Take some sunscreen, a hat, and lots of CF cards.

  2. Anita, thanks, I wish I understood how much clarity I had provided, but nevertheless, I am extremely happy to have helped you with your project. To your continued success!

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