George Tice


Petit’s Mobil Station, Cherry Hill, NJ, 1974

white castel-Route-1-Rahway-NJ-73

White Castle, Route #1, Rahway, NJ, 1973

All photograhs, copyright of the artist, George Tice

Sitting next my book by David Plowden, is the book, Photographs 1953 – 1973 by another urban landscape photographer, George Tice, who I know does have an influence on my urban landscape photography. This retrospective book has a nice sampling of Tice’s work over the previous twenty years, with urban and rural landscape images from Paterson, Amish Country and New Jersey.

Regretfully, the Tice book was published in 1973, the year before Petit’s Mobil Station, maybe my absolutely favorite Tice image. For a while, I had read about Tice complaining about his ability to find the proper printing paper for Petit’s Mobil Station and his ability to pull the background water tower out of this image and balance the highlights of the Mobil Station. I am not sure that this web picture will convey this very well either. Having seen some of his prints of this image, it is both beautiful and delicate. 

Unlike Plowden, there are a number of Tice’s images that I can quickly recall, thus I know that the composition of these photographs are latent images in my memory. Maybe the printing of Tice’s book was so much better than Plowden’s, that the resulting images left a stronger impact.  Where Plowden’s image seem to just sit in front of me, usually a flat straight-on view, Tice’s images seem to engage me, I can go into them deeper and draw more out. Which I suspect is a quality that I am striving for as well.

Regretfully, I could not find an inclusive web site for Tice, so there are tid bits all over the web, so happy hunting!

Best regards, Doug

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