Cat and the Cradle

Cat and the Cradle

Okay, so sometimes when titling an image, I get a little carried away and think that I have a visual pun. Part of this is pretty obvious, eh?

So at the moment, I am not sure what the title of this will be, but I have in this image in consideration for my series Open During Construction. These folks were very absorbed in the task of getting this hoist and what appeared to be an engine transferred to the adjacent truck.

What interested me were the interdynamics of this group with equipment that was both Chinese in origin and with the big yellow CAT tractor, an American equipment influence. Two cultures melding together supporting the explicent task of accomplishing something. The two gate edges to the construction site acted as gray frames to the drama unfolding inside.

The design of the background buildings I do not believe inform you that you are in Hongqiao, or even in China. They take on a generic look, a sameness that helps give this photograph a more universal look, thus a little more universal message. The give away may be that broom being held in the foreground, as it is not one you will find in the United States, especially on a construction site.

A people photograph, thus a stretch for me, but luckily for me, they were intent on what they needed to accomplish, as this made the situation more comfortable for me as the observer.

Perhaps another Jeff Wall photograph, if Jeff Wall were to be in Hongqiao;- )

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Your comments and images from construction sites are fascinating. There is something mesmerizing about human activity on that level. In this photo, I especially like the intense contrasting colors in the foreground standing out against the neutrals in the background as well as the concentration and energy in the human figures playing against the gray and sodden setting. Very effective story-telling.

  2. Thank you, as I did feel that I had the opportunity to watch a drama unfolding, they were all so absorbed in what was happening. The contrast between the foreground and background also interested in me and was like a sub-plot, trying to subtly steal the scene.

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