Three part Harmony

New Manufacturing Operations

What I am realizing is that my series Open During Construction (Zhao Chang Ying Ye) is getting a little more complex than some of my earlier work as it relates to scope. Most of my earlier projects were united under a theme and althought they did change over time, but remained realitivly one dimensional.

I had an initial idea for the series Open During Construction that I thought was a realively straight forward concept. China is undergoing a huge amount of change as reflected by the huge amount of construction, while concurrently juggling a booming economy as a huge outsourcing manufacturing partner. Hey, it seems simple to me.

So my idea was to photograph the different construction projects and to include photographs of other parts of the Chinese urban landscape with some traces of that construction in the background, ever present and looming over the folks who live and work there.

But then I was granted unique access to a new manfucturing site that could be a series of its own, or it could become one aspect of what I am working on for the series Open During Construction. Here in this factory, the construction is about complete and the manufacturing process have started to be implemented. So I have photograhed the end game with this factory.  I also have a ton of images of the day to day urban landscape of where the people lived and worked for years. So it appears that my original idea is getting sandwhiched between the opposite ends of this huge construction, before and after.

And so this project is growing in scale, but it completes the thought so much better. Okay, like with any straw man, I will proceed on this larger project and see what happens. Hopefully it will hold up under its own weight and become a wonderful three part harmony!

So, have you ever had this wonderful idea that just seems to keep growing? That’s what was happening to me, and I have been trying to keep seeing and thinking as to what unfolds in front of me, to be open to the message.

Best regards, Doug

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