Palm Springs Photo Festival update

Yikes, what a loooong day. Up at o-dark early, then the 2 hours to Palm Springs and find out that there is no resturaunt at the Inn where the Festival is. So after a pleasant morning walk we have coffee. Wonderful.

I had registered for some portfolio reviews, so we started the sign-up process and just as quick, I was talking with reviewers about my series. More about this in the next day or so. But each reviewer was very receptive to receive a signed copy of my LensWork issue, and as one reivewer stated, the LensWork magazine was the best ‘business card’ that they have received in the past couple of Review programs. Still a nice touch;- )

We spent some time with the Epson booth to have a print made on Epson Presentation luster (F finish) and at the Canon booth for a borderless 24 x 30 33″ of the same image from the Canon 8000 printer, also a luster finish. hmmmmm, I will be looking at these two prints closely over the next couple of days.

Also ducked into the Blurb booth, which we had to ourselves in the late afternoon, and I think that I may have solved my SoFoBoMo POD issues. Another update real soon after a little bit of experimentation.

So we finished the reviews, then a short rest and to the final afternoon/early evening two hour panel session about the fine art photography market. Interesting and like wise, more later. I am bushed. We just finished the two hour drive home and it was a long day. But a very gooood long day;- )

And if you are in the SoCal area, this Festival is still going strong and at this point, recommended. (But they are really a confused bunch over there, so bring some good karma with you and enjoy the wonderful sun and beautiful day)

Best regards, Doug

3 thoughts on “Palm Springs Photo Festival update

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  1. I hope you will be posting more about the Festival, but it looks as if your dance card is quite full. This event is already penciled in on my calendar for next year.

    I am not surprised that the reviewers were impressed by your “business card”. It’s a very handsome way to introduce your work.

  2. Thanks! I will be adding more shortly, but for those in Southern CA, Long Beach is about to have their first Photo Festival this year and Ventura may be repeating theirs from last year, I need to get more info on these out to you.

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