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With the one year anniversary of my blog coming up, I sorta got into one of those why am I doing this? moods. And while working on that answer, I then found myself as the Managing Editor of a new blog, The Photo Exchange, for the photography group in Southern California called The Photographers Exchange.

If you put the Photographers Exchange (PX) together in small letters, you soon realize why the blog The Photo Exchange looks better than photographersexchange. Yikes!

So for what is happening in the Southern California area regarding gallery openings, Festivals, juried opportunities and the artists who are part of the PX, you are going to have to check that blog. And hopefully I will have a couple of other contributors to carry the load.

Best regards, Doug

3 thoughts on “The Photo Exchange

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  1. Personally I think you have every right to title yourself “Grand Manificent Emperor Over all that Really Matters”. Sounds right to me. The new blog looks great and it goes right into my favorites as a terrific new resource of infomation. Talk about dodging the bullet. The photographer-sex-change site would have gotten a lot of traffic, but maybe some you weren’t looking for. I know you really took this on because you spend so much time sitting around with nothing to do. Best of luck with this. It looks sensational so far.

  2. Yes, I think phototgrapher-sex-change would have been a subtle ploy to increase viewer traffic but at too great of an emotional expense;- )

    They might actually think it was something being planned!! Yikes.

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