SoFoBoMo in May

For those keeping track, you may have noticed that I have not been writing about my SoFoBoMo experiences. That’s because I don’t have any yet!  I’m part of that procrasting group that will be starting on May 1st.

I have my calendar blocked out for an intensive 5 day shoot and after which I wil be working out the image bugs and tweaks and then loading them into the final book format. I will probably be spending the first week, if not more, working out my series concept and writing my introduction. That may get me the most anal award and even eclipse Butzi!

I’m still working out some book design things with Blurb which I hope to share later this week. There is some hope;- )

Best regards, Doug

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  1. You sure know how to build suspense. Now I will have to check your site every hour to see the news about Blurb.

    I certainly look forward to hearing more about your project. Are you back to the beach—was it Newport Beach?

  2. So, all pictures are going to be done in 5 days, with the rest of the time spent on the book. Nice. What is an intensive shooting day like? :-) I was going to spend 20 days shooting, not every day, but as many times as I could during those 20, but that may be too many.

    I have a lot that I like right now and am considering putting together a draft. It might be just pictures because I don’t think that I have enough words to put with the photos unless I start hijacking quotes! :-)

    I’m looking to do about 50 pictures. What about you?

  3. Paul, my target is the 35 images, but not an issue if I end up with 50. I figure that if it will be like China, I will be shooting 200 photographs per day if not more, depending on conditions.

    Anita, yes, I am still thinking of the Newport Beach (CA) strand. Its a least a couple of miles long, with a pier, sand vollyball courts, a small amusment park, lots of home, a couple of neat bars, restaurants & shops. Oh, yes, and plenty of sand & ocean;- )

  4. Hi:
    Enjoy visiting your site nearly every day and look forward to your sofobomo project. Would be interested in your blurb experiences if you take that approach.

    I’m starting around 15 April with a theme I’m comfortable with and, also, little or no text.

    The challenge will be composing the pdf “book” and that should take most of my time.

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