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I recently received an update from Photolucida (Portland, OR) that they are hosting a Nortwest Summer Portfolio Review. My article about the phtoto review that I participated at in Palms Springs received a lot of attention, thus I want to provide another opportunity, but regretfully it is already sold out! Bummer and I was giving this some intense consideration.

They accepted only 80 photograhers for the reviews, which will take place over two days, July 25 and 26 in Portland, OR at the Blue Sky Gallery. Of note, on their web site they do have a PDF regarding their How-to Guidebook for a Photo review, worth reading.

Also while gettng caught up on my reading back-log, I came across an article about Karen Irvine, the Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Photography (Columbia College, Chicago, IL) (aka MoCP) and she made the following comment as being a portfolio reviewer:

Well, successful in terms of it a productive exchange and twenty mintues well spent I thingk would mean that either the photographer or myself, or ideally both of us, walk away having learned something. Of course the obvious answer from my side would be to day that success means finding an artist I would like to work with. But to be honest, it rarely happens. Not to be too vague or trite, but to discuss art ina limited, closed context is often a learning experience. There have been times when the art is absolutely not interested in, but the artist is smart or insightful and we have had a good discussion.

Best regards, Doug

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