Places Amongst Us

My SoFoBoMo for 2008 is complete!

I just uploaded my Blurb BookSmart template and did all of the neccessary things and ordered my production proof of Places Amongst Us. And so it is now out there. Done for the moment.

And I feel it almost was not going to happen and in retrospect, choosing to go the film and scanning route was not a good decision. My old desktop just lumbers along with the big medium format scanned files (the scanned files are over 350 MB, then start adding some adjustment layers and soon at a gig per image).

And I am such a fuss budget about dust and you can never get the negative or negative holder clean enough, so a ton of dust removal. Being a bit annal, I remove dust manually, spot by spot, just like the old days with the Spotone and the 000 brush.

So early this week I received a kick in the pants from Butzi and I decied what the heck, get this book out the door. It should be about the images, not that they were taken on film or with a digital camera. But I can tell you, they do have a subtle difference in appearance.

My saving grace for SoFoBoMo was carring my DSLR along with me, to be able to quickly check metering, composition and options while the film was being processes at the lab. So 80% of this book are the digital images. The book is now the first edition and I will now plod along and continue spotting and tweaking the film scans and making decision as to which images work best for me. So I do fully expect a second edition. So buy this one now, it may end up being available for only a short time until I finish this secondary tweaking. (yeah, right, in about a year maybe).

And now I need to spend the time to sharpen the images for In Passing and make the other adjustments that I identified when I received my production proof.  But I am going to hold off on uploading the updated file to Blurb until after I received my printed copy of Shapening Photographs for Blurb Printing. No sense rushing this one out the door and I might as well make sure that I really did get the sharpening action right, eh?

What a month…..

Best regards, Doug

Added note: When I picked up my Maxtor HD yesterday, I poped into Borders to see what else was new and spied the new David Plowden book Vanishing Point. So I was just going to peek at it for just a moment to see if I wanted it on my “buy list”. Big mistake. I left Borders $100 lighter. So I have been reading this in between uploads and other computer wheel spinings. nice and more about it later, but highly recommended.

Okay, one last note: Places Amongst Us has 40 images. Now I need to think about updating my web site with all of this stuff, which due to the shear volume is kinda of daunting. But I just need to take it one step at a time, eh? Oh, and I added that direct link to Blurb for the book, ya think that is going to increase sales?? Let me know if it’s too crass. Otherwise, there’s going to be a bunch of ’em.

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