Evaluating my sharpening how-to book

Yesterday afternoon I received my production proof of my Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing softbound book. One correction I need to make on the next version is that in the Afterword, I have the pages reversed. Only myself to blame on that one!

I still want to spend some time looking at the various PS3 Unsharp Mask setting examples. But there leaves no doubt that some sharpening is required for the Blurb book printing process. And my first take is that there is probably a larger process window for the sharpening settings than I first thought.

More later…

Best regards, Doug

One thought on “Evaluating my sharpening how-to book

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  1. What a fascinating book to do. I am looking forward to your comments on the test. I am also curious about your evaluatuion of the quality of the paper Blurb uses. Since I have only ordered from Blurb and Shutterfly, I don’t have a great deal of information for comparisons. Any thoughts you would care to share?

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