V1.1 updated for Sharpen Photos for Blurb

I am glad that I let my V1.1 update for my Sharpen Photographs for Blurb Printing rest overnight before uploading the template to Blurb. I think that I still found about half dozen additional edits to complete. This just confirms for me that I usually need some time after completing a project to come back and look at fresh without the stars in your eyes.

I also added a couple of new images from my two active book projects into this. The photo count is now up to 114 from 104. A little self promotion, added something to aliveate the heavy text, a couple more images to potential illustrate over sharpening and to ensure that my page count went to 80. With 80 pages, I get to have the book title and my name printed on the end spine. nice.

This time, there is no rush to publish. so I am keeping the V1.1 private until I review the production proof (first printing) that I just ordered. So if you have been thinking about making this purchase, regretfully, the V1.1 will not go public for at least anohther week. Believe me, thats good for both you and me!

So while that big file was uploading, I went out to re-shoot some film of my Places Amongst Us project. Using the film, camera on a tripod, mirror up and cable release is a different pace. It is not better or worse than any other photography system, it is just different. It has its own pace and flow. I still see, look, think and then react.

Now I need to drop off the film for processing and some glossy proofs. Later next week I will take a loop to the negatives on the lightbook and see if I can determine if it is sharp enough for the scanning process. Just a different pace and flow;- )

But I really do enjoy the instant gratification of digital! Probably why I enjoyed working with Polaroids for all those years.

Best regards, Doug

Update: I received the V1.1 of this book and after a detailed review, I realized that my initial analysis for the neccessary photograph sharpening action for Blurb books was in fact correct.

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