Yountville, CA

Yountville, CA 2007, copyright by Douglas Stockdale

Last year while I was on assignment in Napa, CA I had the opportunity to walk around the back streets of Yountville. This is a little town off the main road heading north out of Napa while you are still in this famous wine area. I was waiting for my dinner reservation, so this was a late afternoon stroll.

This quaint area has some really nice homes amongst some homes that needed a little more tending care. But like many areas, I get do get a sense of those who live in the area by how the houses and neighborhoods are kept.

This little town has a much slower pace and rhythum that down in Southern CA.  The area is also part of a very busy wine and tourist area. But these back streets are isolated enough from the tourist traffic. And as you can see by all of those overhead exposed wires, a much older community for California, where most utilities are buried underground.

Interestingly, this same image converted to Black and White give me a very different feel to it than this one in color. They evoke different feelings and take me in different directions, one not better or worse than another. It is always difficult for me to explain why these images affect me like they do, as times I seem to go to the old, “I like what I like” answer. Yeah, probably a guy thing, eh?

Looking at this photogragph, I am immediately back on this street. It was a very warm evening and only a little humid, not much of a breeze. It was nice to set up my tripod in the shade of a tree while working on this composition. I was intereseted in this white fence with the arched gate, the blue house with the white trim and that nice covered porch. And I just had to figue out a way to get those big ole palm trees in this composition;- )

This is just a nice, singular image.  And I do not to worry how this one photograph might fit in with another series or project.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Uh, oh, now that I have seen this in color, the black and white can never be the same for me. I have admitted that I a sucker for color, and this is a great example of how much, for me, was missing in the black and white. Mind you, as long as I had only seen the b&w, I was content. But, there could be no going back for me. I like this shot more and more.

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