Chinese Urban Landscape

While in Eastern China during the January blizzard, I continued my interest in photographing people who were a part of the landscape. We were making very slow progress in our journey to Shanghai and the driver thought he knew a shortcut around the constant traffic jam. The shortcut did not work out, but it did provide other opportunities such as this photograph.

While studying the photographs I made during these trips, this is one of those images that I keep coming back to, but I am not sure about the reason why. There is a kind of non-symmetry to this, with parts kind of echoing each other and the interesting juxtaposition of the power pole with the water tower. The walking person is blurred as is most of the background as a result of my panning the camera while making this photograph. There are the muted colors with the exception of that yellow curb.

I also created a black and white adjustment layer to see if this photo works as a black & white, but regardless of the tweaking, this was meant to be in color. So at least that part is resolved.

The foreground sloppy, dirty ice, which is also a bit out of focus, seems to work inside the photo and adds some additional context and odd tension. I like that clear path running up the middle to the pedestrian, it acts like a guide and somewhat of a focus point. It takes my eye up to the blurry pedestrian, probably someone who lives here, trying to get out of the cold.

I do have to admit, it was more fun to just photograph from the car rather than try to drive and take photographs at the same time!

I want to include this photograph in one of my projects from China, I am just not sure which one. At times I think I have a clear idea of what I want to do with these, have a nice project introduction developed and then it all turns to mush.

Indecision. So I will keep looking and studying and then probably just let it sit for a while. It will come to me sooner or later, eh?

Best regards, Doug

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