Nanjing Road – Shanghai

Looking back, many of my photos from China are not that bright and colorful, but I wanted to present a little more balance view.

There were my expectations of China, Mao comes immediately to mind. One of the first nights while visiting Shanghai, we ventured over to Nanjing Road, a short walk from the downtown hotel. I was very surprised by the lights and very upbeat mood on the street. Not what I expected and I think that this is the best of the bunch of the photographs of this that I made.

I am not sure that this photograph fits with my other projects, so that this is more of a Singular Image that documents my Nanjing Road experience and the urban landscape that I found there.

To be honest, I sometimes wonder what to post or write on this blog, which really put me in a tail spin about two months ago. Not sure of the reason, but I think I might have wondered off in the wrong path at some point, such as thinking I could be a voice for the urban landscape photography. Not the best fit for me. So I hopefully am getting back to basics, why & what I am doing as a photographer and occasionaly my thoughts on what other photographers are doing. So probably more Singular Images than I have posted recently.

I am working on a number of photo projects at any given moment, but there are other things that capture my attention and I photograph those as well, those Singular Images that occur in life’s travels.

So my writings and posted photographs may become a little more random, but so be it. (oh, you thought that they already were, eh?)

Best regards, Doug

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