Continuing the Editing

Still working on the editing of the work from Eastern China.

Seems what is working for me now is to concurrently develop the two series, with still the idea that they may come together. But one is a collection of found images while the other is set of found circumstances that help illustrate a project in the making. So they are two differenct bodies of work and two different intents. hmmmm.

So I will see how this develops. Stay tuned;- )

Best regards, Doug

BTW, this was again during the blizzard while I was in JiaShan. I saw these two guys coming at me, but they had no idea I was in the way, so I established my composition and then kept taking photographs as they approached. This is the best of the bunch for me. It really connects with me as to how I was feeling and getting blown around with my own umbrella, trying to keep me and especially the front of my lens from the elements. Not always successfully!

And I will be tied up with another assignement for the next week and a half, so my updates will probably less frequent for a short while.

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