My blog intent – still evolving

I wrote the following as an updated note to an earlier entry, but it probably needs a seperate published manisfesto:

I have been trying to reconcile the writing I do for this blog versus The Photo Exchange, were I am the current Managing Editor, so for this subject (The Business of Fine Art Phtograph) and similar topics regarding the business of (Fine Art) photography, I will be posting those on The Photo Exchange. Thus, this journal will be more about my development of my photographic projects, series, singular images, photographs and the like.

Unless I have some technical glitch I want to crab about or want to extrol the benefits of some equipment, I defer to the ton of other blogs who think that this is more important than I do.

I realize that this declariation will probably reduce my readership to a mere pitance, but in am writing  to fete my thoughts and feelings about the work I do, so be it.

But I will probably change my mind about this again tomorrow;- )

Best regarsds, Doug

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