Editing your own stuff

In this case, it is about editing the stuff I write.

I do admit, sometimes what I write it not too lucid. Maybe that is also the problem with what I photograph as well. hmmmm.

I am doing the re-write of my sharpening book, and I did not think it was too bad the first time for a Saturday write and publish. But as I have continued the re-write, oh wow did I make some dooseys mistakes. But since I have been writing a lot more frequently, I hope that my writing had improved some.

So at Laura’s suggestion, I sent my updated Introduction out to my friend Dave who has more refined editorial skills than me. What Dave sent back was black and white and red all over. Wow, I did not realized how bad I was.  All the changes that Dave recommended, I could not help but agree.

So as I complete my re-write, I will continue to ask Dave for his editorial help to help ensure the second edition is a big improvement over the first edition. A big thank you Dave!

I think that the issue of self-editing may be a similar issue with some of my photographic projects. What I think is great, may have some flaws, either minor or huge, but I am too close to provide a good balanced and objection opinion. That has been one of the more important aspects of beloning to Stills for the past year and now showing my work-in-progress at the Photographers Exchange. And why I do appreciate your comments on the images that I show here. Thank you one and all.

Best regards, Doug

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