co-publishing photobook reviews with photo-eye

A little over a year ago I started to publish my photographic book reviews on The PhotoBook Journal and now some 75 photobook reviews later, I have started to co-publish a few of my reviews in conjunction with photo-eye‘s online magazine. photo-eye publishes photobook reviews in conjunction with their book store and gallery, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This has been an interesting journey, from writing an occasional book review on this site, then realizing that I had a lot of books in my library and creating The PhotoBook Journal, a separate blog focused on just photobooks that dealt with projects, series or monographs. There seems to be enough photographic technical book reviews available at other sites and these books are not as interesting to me (not that I had not accumulated enough of those books as well over the years). So thanks to those who endured my curde criticism & writing skills early on in this journey. I have found that writing is much akin to photography itself, you need to practice, study, think, reflect and be open to feedback, achieve a certain level of competency, then work like hell some more.

17 Days

The first of these photobook reviews is Deanna Templeton’s 17 Days, which can be found on photo-eye here and on The PhotoBook Journal here. For Templeton’s review, the only difference between the two sites are the selection and size of the photographs to illustrate the article. Perhaps not too surprising, the photo-eye article is hot linked to their book store to enable a quick purchase, which, I believe that photo-eye also has some signed copies.

Best regards, Douglas

Update: due to changes at photo-eye, I am no longer a book reviewer contributor to that blog, which I think might also be due to my intent to co-publish my book reviews on PBJ. Oh well, it was not like they were paying for unique and sole content. LoL.


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