Fiuggi Plazza

Fiuggi Plazza, copyright Douglas Stockdale 2009

Still thinking about the body of work that I might develop around the city of Fiuggi, Italy, which is located adjacent to an assignment that I am working on. First, I had to get the “classic” photographs of this old city out of my system. Most of the recent images that I posted were from one really nice day that I had the opportunity to break away from my assignment. This last trip I had a couple of hours available, but drizzling rain and temperatures of 3 C did not entice me out of my hotel room (so instead I finished a book review and posted it on The PhotoBook) and I made some investigative landscape photos from my hotel room window.

I know that it took two trips to China before I really connected with a project that interested me, then the third subsequent trip was an amazing three weeks. So for my creative process, it sometimes takes a while to connect with my muse. Such that this photograph above, a whimsical image inside one of the small plazza’s of Fiuggi in which there are a cluster of flats in which people live, is the one that has connected with me. Most of the time I had been really interested in the narrow steps and walk ways that weave through this old city, so you could say I was mostly looking down. So I took my own advice and if I was looking mostly down the decending steps, what would I see if I looked “up”? And what I saw was interesting,but still not sure where it will go, but if the weather is decent when I return in January, I may find myself looking “up” more often.

Best regards, Douglas

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