2010 New Year’s thoughts

Fiuggi, Italy, Winter copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Half way through the first month of the 2010 New Year and I am just now posting my first article on this blog. I have already posted three or four book reviews, my top ten books for 2009 and some other book information on The PhotoBook, as well as some related links from The PhotoBook Facebook fan page.

So I find myself reflecting on what I plan to do with this blog?

It is apparent to me that I want to maintain and keep providing book reviews on The PhotoBook blog, which now has over 90 reviews published. I initiated the experiment in 2009 with Facebook, and sense that the fan page for The PhotoBook is a good idea. My personal Facebook page is of some interest when quickly add a very brief thought, but it seems difficult to archive and access than a blog. If I have something of note to discuss or point out, I still think that this will be the place I want to publish it and provide a link back from my personal Facebook page.

So it appears that this blog is ideal for my personal reflections and throwing some photographs up against the wall to see if they stick. At the moment, I do not see that I want or need to provide a constant stream (read: daily stream) of content. Unlike a few other photo-bloggers who have recently stopped posting on their sites, I don’t feel the need to totally abandon this blog either.

So I will continue to see how this evolves…

Best regards, Douglas


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