Atget’s Essence

Montparnasse, Paris copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

This past week I have been investigating the memory and essence of Eugene Atget and while working on some background context, realized that as I have been walking up Boulevard Saint Michel, that I have been passing on the edge of Montparnasse, the section in Paris where Atget eventually relocated his studio and apartment.

It was said that Atget had a quick temper and it does not appear in any of the records and testimonies that he was a religious man, so perhaps after his death, he did not ascend very high. Maybe just high enough to find a window view in and amongst the top of the trees, a view that would permit him to keep a vigilant eye on his Paris. No doubt he would be very unhappy with what he was witnessing unfolding before him, but at this point, all he could do was watch or perhaps cause a weird accident or two while riling up the energy and karma by his wrath.

I hope that by now he has found some peace and perhaps is indeed ascending a little further up the ladder.

Best regards, Douglas

BTW, I think that I have somehow backed into what could be a nice little photobook, any publishers interested in exploring this project with me?

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