Ciociaria – Fiuggi landscape

Ciociaria, Fiuggi Landscape copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

Midway between the ancient city of Fiuggi and the realitively modern “spa” town at the base of the hill, is an in-between place, as ambougious as the history of Ciociaria. It has the ear marks of a place that is neither one or the other, but came about over the years, probably more modern in its time of construction than it is ancient. Nevertheless, the old memories still seem to linger.

I recently had an opportunity to place this photography in the midst of the other early stage photographs from this project and it was interesting to see how this photograph seemed to fit within the Ciociaria narrative. I did notices some aspects of this photograph that are motivating me to retun back to this same location and look again. I think it has some potential.

Best regards, Douglas

2 thoughts on “Ciociaria – Fiuggi landscape

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  1. Doug, I like this photo. I always like the repetition of houses on a hill side.

    If you are going back to this site what might it look like at late dusk when it is still light but the sun has fallen below the horizon and the lights from the house are starting to glow.

  2. Dave, thanks! Only issue is these houses have the pull down outside binds to fully block the sun, so you do not get that interesting reflecting light off windows at dusk that you see in the US. Nevertheless, still something to try, watch and see what happens, as you can never foretell what wonderful thing may occur.

    And thanks for reminding me to notice the repetition of patterns that makes this image visually interesting.

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