Inspirational muse

When I morphed into a project mode for my photographic work many years ago, I was soon mentally overloaded with a flood of potential conceptual ideas. I duly noted them and I have since been concurrently working on two or three projects, usually with a strong emphasis on one of them. It always seems that I have more ideas than I can possibly complete, but that makes life interesting.

Gradually over the years I have noted that some of my brilliant concepts with a little time, have not appeared to be so brilliant. What I call the spaghetti test; I cook some, throw it on the wall and then see if it sticks. If it doesn’t stick, not really done yet. So some ideas have gone into the trash bin, while others perhaps their time has not arrived yet. But I also realized that my inspirational muse has not always refilled the conceptual coffers with new (brilliant) ideas. At first when I realized that my muse was off doing other things, the dry spell of ideas was scary. Yikes, maybe I had lost my creativity, eh?

But in reality, I have come to realize that my muse is always there, perhaps not always engaged, and not to have any worries. I still have too many projects to do and I have no hope of finishing them all. So when I start ignoring whether my muse is paying any attention to me, Bingo! the ideas start rolling in. I have been in and out of Paris almost monthly for the last six months, resulting in a couple of conceptal ideas that I have thrown up against the wall and to date, none of them have seemed to stick. Sigh. So again, I was wondering if my creative muse did not appreciate Paris as much as I did. Then on my trip last week, I came up with four cool ideas. Nice. (Okay, one idea came about in Madrid, the day before flying into Paris, but in Paris I really stated working it some more) So now I need to work on these concepts a little more and see if one of them has some sticking power. I just maybe brilliant after all. ;- )

Best regards, Doug

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