Buffet – featuring Ciociaria

Ciociaria copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale

Okay, this morning I was really excited to see that Aline Smithson had posted an article about my book Ciociaria on her blog Lenscratch. That was really, really nice. Only then to find out that Andrew Phelps also featured my book Ciociaria today on his excellent blog Buffet, along with a really nice little commentary. This is way beyond really, really nice,and almost beyond words. Two photographers who I admire featuring my project on the same day. OhMyGosh! I am so honored.

Especially since it was during the writing of my review of Andrew Phelps book Not Niigata that I gained the insight and developed my concept for what has become my project, and subsequent book,  Ciociaria.

Best regards, Doug


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